Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a discount for booking on your site vs. Rover since you don't have to pay the Rover fees?

Yes, there is a discount when booking through My Terrific Tails vs. Rover. I provide services through the Rover app / website (which charges both the client & the sitter a fee). The additional Rover fees cover their costs of marketing, customer support staff, insurance, etc. I also provide services through My Terrific Tails website. In order to provide such services independently, the additional costs (Example: e-commerce website domain, extra security on my website for visitors, PayPal business transaction fees, bonding & insurance, marketing tools, etc.) are reflected in the rates shown. There are no additional fees to you to cover these costs. By booking through my website vs. Rover, the discount is reflected in the absence of additional fees. (Example: a 30 minute walk is $20. You want to book me for 3 walks a week for the entire month. 12 walks X $20 = $240 + Rover fee = $252. If you book through My Terrific Tails website the same amount of walks would be $240, a savings of $12.)

Do you charge more for additional pets?

No, I do not charge more for additional pets. However, when choosing a service, please consider the amount of time needed for additional pets in the home. (Example: It does not take the same amount of time to feed one pet as it takes to feed six pets, so make sure to account for the needs of your furry family members.)

What are holiday rates?

The holidays can be very busy for everyone due to varied work schedules & vacations / traveling. In general, rates are increased during the days that are in high demand & typically get booked far in advance. During these busy times, each service has a holiday rate of +$5 per service (Example: a 30 minute dog walk is regularly $20, but on New Year's Eve it would be $25).

Do I need to schedule a meet & greet before you walk my dog / feed my cat?

First off, it's FREE & beneficial for everyone (you, me & most importantly your pet) to have a quick meet & greet to see if everyone feels comfortable with each other. Your dog / cat might not know why a strange person they've never met is inside their home & feel protective or territorial. It's good for them to see me enter the home & be welcomed by you. It helps them get to know me & know that they are safe when I'm around. It's also good for you to show me where their food / water / leash / litter box / waste bags, etc. are so when I come to the home I know where everything is & can focus on your pet, rather than familiarizing myself in a strange place I've never been.

How do I know how my pet is doing when you're walking them / visiting them / sitting overnight?

I offer text message updates, that can include photos & videos, along with the amount of potty breaks during walks & whether or not they drank water / ate a meal during that time. Most clients start out requesting as many text messages & photos as possible & usually taper off to 1 - 5 photos per visit / walk as time goes on. I want to make sure you feel comfortable while you're at work, on vacation, etc. while also limiting the amount of interruptions during your time away. I'll work with you to make sure there is a good balance betwen our communications so you feel confident that your pet(s) are well taken care of.